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Science Hill receives $45,000 CTE grant to open mercantile store on campus

Mercantile Store to Open Soon


Preparing them for the workplace is one of the many things Science Hill High School provides students. Now, they will have an extra tool as the district opens a student-run mercantile store. Johnson City Schools received $45,000 from $2.9 million in Perkins Reserve Grants (PRG), which were awarded to 44 school districts. The PRG grant opportunity is competitive and aims to “foster local innovation and support implementation of CTE programs and pathways,” according to the Tennessee Department of Education.

“We are thankful to receive these funds from the TDOE and we are excited that we will be able to provide more opportunities for our students,” Johnson City Schools Supervisor of Career & Technical Education and Postsecondary Opportunities Julia Decker said. “These funds will help teach our students entrepreneurial skills and also assist students in workforce development.”

The mercantile store will be located next to Science Hill’s already established Hilltopper Café, a fully functioning coffee shop that is run by students. Both of these learning spaces will serve as an entrepreneurial opportunity for all students, and the mercantile store will be managed and operated by Science Hill special education students. With this opportunity, students will gain economic, social and educational skills, not only for themselves, but the school and community.

This store will increase access and equitable participation for special education students through work-based learning opportunities. It will also provide these students the opportunity for rigor and relevance as it relates to their ongoing high school experience and future employment.

Some of the money will help to provide funding to 10 clubs for start-up projects. The profits from those projects will then return to the clubs. This will allow Science Hill clubs to become self-sustaining where funding is concerned.

For more information about Science Hill High School and the various opportunities offered, please visit ScienceHill.JCSchools.Org.

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