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Science Hill wins first place in state-wide competition Battle of the Belts

Battle of the Belts


Students from Science Hill High School earned first place in the Battle of the Belts competition, a friendly seat belt competition for Tennessee high schools designed to reduce motor vehicle injuries and fatalities by increasing seat belt use.  

The Science Hill Battle of the Belts team included Myles King, Emily Williams, Julia Bartkus, Emma Harmon, Jasmine Abdel-Maksoud and Xochil Munoz. Students that helped with the public service announcement included Nora Honeycutt, Sarah Nipper, Vanessa Bushell and Chloe Banner. They were sponsored by Science Hill Health Science teacher Kayla Clawson and Ballad Health’s Trauma Injury Prevention Program Coordinator Heatherly Sifford.  

In all, the Science Hill group increased seat belt usage at Science Hill by seven percent, according to their data. 

“It feels good to know that we were able to help a lot of people understand the importance of wearing your seat belt,” said King. “The different events we did throughout the year and seat belt checks have helped, and those events built momentum in getting the word out.” 

The objective for the group was to reduce the number of motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities among Tennessee high school students by increasing seat belt use. In order to accomplish this, the group hosted different events and informational sessions to stress the importance of seat belt use. They also traveled to a couple of elementary schools as Ollie Otter to speak with elementary students about the importance of seat belts. 

Terry Love is the Injury Prevention Director for the Tennessee Department of Health and came from middle Tennessee to deliver the award. He said that he was very impressed that the Science Hill students did their own research and how closely they worked with their community partners. 


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