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Science Hill students celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by teaching Topper Tots

Topper Tots

When you think of hands-on learning, you don’t always think about childcare. But Science Hill students in the Human Services cluster who take the Family Studies classwork with infants, toddlers and preschoolers in the Topper Tots program.

On Wednesday, the Family Studies students were able to spend the day with Topper Tots as they celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading his books and participating in developmentally appropriate lessons.

“My students created lessons based on the Dr. Seuss story that they chose,” Science Hill Family Studies teacher Heather Conner said. “We really enjoy our relationship with the Topper Tots because we expose high schoolers to a career field. Whether it is working in early childhood, social work, language development, they get to see a variety of ways that the things they learn can be applied in a real-world setting. Plus the little ones absolutely love their high school friends.”

Conner said that the close relationship between her high school students and the Topper Tots is amazing to see. Family Studies is a third-level class and is an applied knowledge course that examines the diversity and evolving structure of the modern family. Course standards focus on the demographic, historical, and social changes of interpersonal relationships, as well as parenting, and the effect of stressors on the family.

Science Hill senior Odalys Gomez said that she was interested in possibly pursuing a career in pediatrics.

“Being part of Mrs. Conner’s class really helps me emphasize being around children and getting to learn about them and their way of learning,” Gomez said.

Her activity for toddlers revolved around the book 10 Apples. She cut out pictures of her students and then they pasted the 10 apples on the page above their head.

“Each child is very different, with their own emotions and way of learning,” Gomez said. “So this class exposes us to deal with children of all age groups and we get to learn more about them and who they are.”

Science Hill senior Kamaya Butler created different lessons based on Dr. Seuss's book, One Fish, Two Fish. Red Fish, Blue Fish. For her station, each group was able to create their own fish.

“It’s nice working with the children,” Butler said. “Watching them process what they are learning and how they figure out things is always super interesting.”

While Butler isn’t quite sure what she wants to do, she said having the experience of working with children could help her figure out a future career.

“I love kids. They’re gentle, and they are easy to be around. It’s genuinely calming, and it’s a great break during the day,” Butler said about the Family Studies class. “I am learning and growing with them as they are learning and growing with me.”

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