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SH HOSA students spread awareness about importance of handwashing

Students teaching about handwashing

Science Hill’s Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) group is preparing for their regional competition by getting out in the community and spreading awareness about the importance of handwashing.

Most recently, Science Hill sophomores Emma Harmon and Jasmine Abdel-Maksoud stopped by North Side Elementary to speak with a group of students about good hand hygiene. This was the second stop for the duo, who have continued to visit schools and spoken with more than 80 students at Topper Tots, Fairmont and Lake Ridge.

“We chose community awareness because we wanted to spread awareness about good hand hygiene, especially during the pandemic,” Abdel-Maksoud said. “If we teach them about germs, they will be more cautious about what they touch and how much time they take to wash their hands.”

For the group activity, elementary students watched a video that described the importance of good hand hygiene. The group then applied a special gel on their hands to replicate germs. The group took turns washing their hands and then holding their hands under a black light to show them the spots they missed and where germs like to hide. After completing that activity, students color pictures that display good handwashing.

As part of the regional HOSA competition, Harmon and Abdel-Maksoud will load pictures and comments from their experiences to a portfolio that will serve as a scrapbook with other projects that their team completed. While working with children can present some challenges, the pair said they've enjoyed the experience.

“We really enjoy it because these younger students are always really enthusiastic and ready to learn,” Abdel-Maksoud said. “The younger they are, the more curious they are.”

Both Harmon and Abdel- Maksoud are planning on pursuing careers in healthcare after they graduate from Science Hill. The pair said that being a member of HOSA has helped them gain a better understanding of the opportunities available in healthcare.

 “We are surrounded in an atmosphere where everyone around us is working toward the same goal,” Harmon said. “Together, we are all able to support one another and share in some of the same experiences and opportunities.”

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