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In-Zone Transfers

Last Updated: 5/8/2023 6:37 PM

Pursuant to Tennessee state law, school districts are required to identify each school that has available space to enroll and serve additional transfers. Districts can reserve a reasonable number of enrollment spaces for various situations such as full-time employees’ children, transfer students in good standing, siblings of enrolled students, and potential growth within the school district.

Beginning on April 17, Johnson City Schools will post the number of open spaces for in-district, out-of-zone transfer requests by grade, with the application window opening on May 8. A tutition student is not eligible to apply for an in-zone transfer.

Following the open application window, if there are more requests than open spaces, a random lottery must be conducted to determine which applicants are approved for a transfer; this is required per the new state law. If needed, the lottery will be held when the in-zone transfer application closes.

The following schools are not accepting open enrollment due to their current student populations. The schools include Lake Ridge Elementary, Towne Acres Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, North Side Elementary and Woodland Elementary. Science Hill is OPEN for enrollment in ALL GRADES 9-12.


The In-Zone transfer application window will open on May 8 and close on June 7. The application can be found here.


Schools & Open Spaces

Cherokee Elementary

1st Grade - Four (4) Seats

2nd Grade - Three (3) Spaces

3rd Grade - Two (2) Spaces

4th Grade - Two (2) Spaces

5th Grade - Two (2) Spaces


Fairmont Elementary

4th Grade - Two (2) Spaces

5th Grade - Two (2) Spaces


South Side Elementary

4th Grade - Two (2) Spaces


Indian Trail Middle School

6th Grade - Eight (8) Spaces

7th Grade - Eight (8) Spaces

8th Grade - Eight (8) Spaces


Liberty Bell Middle School

6th Grade - Six (6) Spaces

7th Grade - Eight (8) Spaces

8th Grade - Nine (9) Spaces


Updated: April 17, 2023