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Special Programs Staff

Last Updated: 10/3/2022 7:04 PM


Misty Hess - Fairmont, Serving all Elementary Schools

Christy Henegar - Woodland, Indian Trail, Liberty Bell 

Myra Santana - Science Hill 

Behavior Specialist

Dr. Deborah Hayes

Occupational Therapist

Karyn Garland - Liberty Bell

Physical Therapist

Kim Begley - Liberty Bell 

Certified Occupational Therapy Asst.

Kristy Manis - Liberty Bell

Speech Language Pathologists

Brooke Peccia - Fairmont, South Side

Renee Noe - Lake Ridge, Mountain View


LaDawn Hudgins - North Side, Headstart


Andrea Burchette - Indian Trail, Science Hill-CTE, JCVA


Abigail Huffman -  Woodland, Cherokee


Cheri Todd - Homebound, North Side


Karen Wilhjelm - Towne Acres, Private School


Christina McAdoo - Liberty Bell, Science Hill (Main Campus) 


Speech Diagnostician

Julie Belt - Towne Acres

Deaf Educator

Erica Lilly - Liberty Bell, Mountain View

Vision Specialist

Nila Collins - SHHS

Special Education Teachers

Cherokee - David Cross

Fairmont - Bethany Miller, Sharon Mueller (CDC), Susan Bolton (CDC)

Lake Ridge - Kelly Daugherty

Mt. View - Kym Stephens, Chantelle Williams


North Side - Wendy Gowan, Tatum Odum (PreK), Jessica Price (PreK), Lori Boles (PreK), Jadin Graham (PreK)


South Side - Alexandria Moczygemba

Towne Acres - Jennifer Tucker

Woodland - Jeana Hughes, LaDonna Boone, Taylor Montgomery (CDC), Kasey Peterson (CDC)

Indian Trial - Robert Grunder, Ryan Armstrong, Sarah White, Christina McAdams, Hayley Parker (CDC), Alison Russell (CDC)


Liberty Bell - Tina Johnson, Courtney Egbert, Megan Roop, Tonya Taylor, Andy Wallen, Kaylea Shelton (CDC), Kelly Hernandez (CDC)


Science Hill - Jill Nagy, Tracy Coggins, Gant Patteson, Celia Street, Ramey Clark, Nila Collins, Larry Waldron, Chris Ford (CDC), Tara Crosby (CDC), Brittany Farmer (CDC), Jody Smith (CDC)


Topper Academy-Larry Waldron


Last Updated: September 21, 2022