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Guidelines for Individual In-Service 2021-2022

Last Updated: 6/23/2021 8:20 PM

The following guidelines for administering individual in-service time were developed with the input of principals to meet special needs and to comply with state requirements. The intent of the guidelines is to meet broad needs while maintaining flexibility at the school level.


  1. Check your school’s 2021-2022 plan for any provisions made for in-service training for special groups of teachers.

  2. If a teacher is receiving payment for the time he/she is spending in a school-related activity, the activity cannot be counted for in-service.

  3. Check your school’s in-service plan for any provisions for individual training opportunities. Conferences, workshops, and seminars that are related to the teacher’s area of instruction or to general education may be approved by the principal for individual in-service credit. Since each teacher may have only a specified amount of individual in-service credit to earn (up to 6 hours per day), only part of some activities can be counted. The remaining amount of time beyond what is required for in-service may be counted for professional growth credit. The same time cannot be counted for both.

  4. In summary, the principal will work with the faculty to develop an in-service/staff development plan for 4 ½ of the 5 days. The plan will have been submitted to the Office of Accountability and School Improvement for approval and filing by the end of 2020-2021 SY in compliance with State Department regulations.


Please do not hesitate to call the Office of Accountability and School Improvement (Dr. Robbie Anderson-434-5220) if you have any questions.



Last Updated: June 23, 2021