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Evelyn Dugger

Last Updated: 10/6/2020 8:14 PM

Evelyn Dugger’s Biography

Evelyn Dugger spent almost five decades as the first line of defense for Johnson City Schools’ Superintendents, as she served as Executive Assistant from 1965 until her retirement in 2017. Dugger left briefly during that time, but her almost 48 years of service under nine superintendents means she witnessed firsthand the growth of the school district.

Dugger started working in the Superintendent’s office in 1965 as part of a work-study program at Science Hill, where she graduated that same year. Dugger’s first stint started under Superintendent Howard McCorkle, who served the district for 18 years. Dugger left for a short while in 1967 to pursue a job with United Way, but she was quickly called back by Superintendent Ted Beach. Dugger served under Superintendents Terrell Ponder (1974-1978), Dr. Ted Beach (1979 – 1982), Elvin Little (1982 – 1983), Dr. Robert “Mike” Simmons (1983 – 1994), Dr. William “Bill” Symons (1994 - 1997), Dr. William “Dan” Russell (1997-2001), Dr. Tony McGriff (2001-2005) and Dr. Richard Bales (2005-2017). 

Her last boss, Dr. Bales, said that Dugger’s time with the district was invaluable.  “We talk about educators being teachers, but she has been involved in so much work for the school system, she has really been what I consider an ideal educator,” Bales said. “She has probably done more for students than all of us put together.”