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George Carver

Last Updated: 10/6/2020 8:13 PM

George Carver’s Biography

George Carver was born and raised in Johnson City.  He attended Keystone Elementary and graduated from Science Hill High School in 1974. Carver recently celebrated his 50th anniversary of working for the city and he has devoted his life to the care of our city schools and the well-being of children.  He started his career working for Johnson City Parks and Recreation around 1968 under the direction of Bill Adams and Howard Johnson.

In 1969, George was hired as a custodian for South Junior High School and Science Hill High School. From there, he became the custodian for Stratton Elementary. Carver currently serves as a custodian at Fairmont Elementary under the direction of Carol McGill, where he continues to exhibit his love for his jobs, the students and staff.

Besides his decades of service to Johnson City Schools, Carver served as a volunteer with the Civil Defense Organizations of Johnson City and Washington County from 1977 through 2002.  He was on the scene and assisting firefighters during the John Sevier fire in December 1989. George has also been a member of the East Tennessee Locksmith Association since 1988.

Mr. Carver’s current supervisor, Fairmont Principal Carol McGill, said Mr. Carver’s affection toward every person he encounters is magical. 

“One of the best characteristics that George exhibits is his kindness and caring toward all of our student and staff families,” she said.