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Hall of Fame Information

Last Updated: 10/6/2020 6:18 PM

JCS Hall of Fame Logo

The Johnson City Schools Hall of Fame was established in 2019 to recognize and honor those educators, alumni, and contributors who made significant impacts in progressing Johnson City Schools. In doing this, we hope to preserve the rich history of Johnson City Schools and establish a link to the past and present members of Johnson City Schools.



Celebrate the excellence of Johnson City Schools by acknowledging its employees and alumni.

Preserve the history and impact of Johnson City Schools.

Promote the positive values of Johnson City Schools, its employees and its students.


Candidate Eligibility

To be eligible for nomination, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Been regularly employed with JCS for a minimum of 10 years or a graduate of Johnson City Schools.

    • 10-year minimum can be waived by an 80 percent vote from Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

  • Been retired for five years or a graduate for 10 years.

    • 5-year and 10-year minimum can be waived by an 80 percent vote from Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

  • A contributor for Johnson City Schools for at least ten (10) years.

  • Once nominated, an individual will remain under consideration for enshrinement for a period of five (5) years. If not elected to HOF during the five-year consideration, an individual may not be nominated for a period of two (2) years before again being eligible for nomination.


Categories for Inductees

Up to three (3) members for each category and the highest remaining vote-getter for a total of ten (10) total members that may be elected from each of the following categories:

Legacy – Retired Pre-1970

Tradition – Retired 1971 – 2000

Modern – Retired 2001 – Present

  • “Retired” is defined as “no longer working in a continual paid capacity for Johnson City Schools.”
  • An individual’s “retirement” year is based on the initial year regular continual employment with JCS started. For alumni, it will be the year that they graduated high school.
  • Any of these inductees can be living or deceased.


How to Apply

All sections of the Nomination Application must be completed along with at least two (2) supporting letters of recommendation for a nominee to be eligible for enshrinement. The person submitting an application on behalf of a nominated candidate is fully responsible for making sure the form is fully completed and accurate. Additional supporting information may be submitted in support of a candidate’s nomination and is appreciated.

Submit all materials to:
JCS Hall of Fame
100 East Maple Street
Johnson City, TN 37601
Materials may also be submitted electronically through email to JCSHOF@jcschools.org.

Any questions regarding the JCS Hall of Fame process? Please Contact
Collin Brooks