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Family Engagement Plan

Last Updated: 10/13/2020 8:10 PM

Last Updated: September 2020



Fairmont Elementary Family Engagement Plan

(Based on the JC Schools plan)

The Family Involvement Plan is reviewed annually and updated, as needed. The school’s PTA board and Parent Advisory Council will review, revise and provide input for the best strategies and policies to involve the parents, families and community. The plan are posted on the school’s web site.

The Family Engagement Plan is based on the School Board’s Five Year Strategic Pan and school and system level Inform TN/eplan. The Plan will support initiatives found in the system’s Consolidated Federal Projects Application. The plan will create a common vision for family engagement opportunities and resources to sustain the vision and goals. Ultimately, Fairmont’s Plan should increase and improve the level of family involvement in our school community.

Plan Components

Part I Policy Development

1. Parents will have an opportunity to provide input by calling the school directly, responding to the PTA web site, and to the monthly PTA board and parent meetings.

2. Parents will be represented on our school’s site based council and our parent advisory council.

3. Parents are represented on all planning committees.

4. Parents will have the opportunity to provide input through the school and system surveys posted on the school and system web site.

5. Cultural, economic, language, demographic and equity issues will be given attention through focus groups, as in our system level Equity Team.

6. The school further provides all families with information about the school’s Title I designation.

7. ELL’s are specifically provided system and school opportunities to give input at specific community meetings through our system interpreter, Fernando DeSousa..

Part 2 Family Engagement

1. Title I Parent Involvement activities will be coordinated with other programs such as 21st Century Grant programs, PreKindergarten and ESL programs.

2. School and Classroom Newsletters, parent conferences, grade level meetings, school and system Bloomz messaging, official school messenger and the PTA web site offer continuous open communication. Monthly student performances include the third and fourth grade choruses, recorder and ukulele groups. All the Kindergarten through Second graders participate in grade level programs for some of our parental involvement offerings. The school also provides yearly Open House, Tech nights, PE day with your child for parents, Fall Festival, Spring Fling, Family Reading and Math events.

3. Parent and community volunteers are an essential component of our Family Engagement strategies. Each year the system hosts a volunteer training process. Fairmont has many volunteers who have been on our campus, working with our students several times weekly. Among those organizations are: America Reads, First Christian Church volunteers, SHHS Beta Club and the CTE

4. Each parent and family are invited twice yearly to the school for parent/teacher conferences. These further strengthen the personal contact efforts to assure student success.

5. Sign-in participation sheets are in place at every parental involvement activity.

6. Parents who are not able to attend conferences are offered phone, zoom.


1. The Title I budget will reflect the position of Family/School Coordinator as an outreach to assure parents are always offered needed resources and opportunities to be a part of their child's education.

2. Sign-in records, agendas, surveys, and parent participation provides us with feedback concerning the quality of our involvement programs.

3. Student conference signed record cards are kept in their permanent records for review to assure all parents are participating in the “in-person, individual” conferencing.

4. The Parental Advisory and PTA Executive Board keep extensive notes, minutes and records which include expenditures, attendance and parent feedback.

5. Our Guidance Counselors also conduct student surveys which highlight the family participation aspect from their view point.