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Cherokee Clover Bowl team set to compete in Eastern Regional in Knoxville

Cherokee 4-H Club


Cherokee Elementary will be the sole representative for Washington County when four members of their 4-H club compete against more than 20 other teams during the 2022 Eastern Regions 4-H Clover Bowl on Thursday, May 19 at the University of Tennessee.  

“It’s been an exciting year as we have been able to start the 4-H program here at Cherokee,” Cherokee’s David Cross said. “Our students have really enjoyed the activities and I am excited that they will get this opportunity.”  


While only four members can compete on the Clover Bowl team, the 4-H club has had as many as 11 students attend their meetings. The group is only open to 4th-grade students, but Cross said they will allow 5th graders to join the 4-H Club next year as they remain at Cherokee Elementary. Cherokee is currently the only elementary school in Johnson City to offer the 4-H Club. 


The purpose of the Clover Bowl is to acquaint 4-H members with themselves and their surroundings through participating in an enjoyable and educational program. In addition, it is hoped that the program will help participants develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Information for Clover Bowl questions will be in the areas of Tennessee (History, Geography, and Government), Agriculture, Life Skills, Government and Science. 


Cross brought the 4-H Club with him when he transferred from Indian Trail a couple of years ago. The group meets once a month and the students complete different STEM activities. The group has made bread in a bag, participated in different water projects and they’ve had a chance to work on their public speaking and writing.  

Cherokee 4th-grader Alese Webb said that she has enjoyed the time she spends with her teammates and their activities. 


“We’ve done a lot of fun activities with science and math. It’s like fun school,” Webb said. “I enjoy doing math and science.” 


Webb said she was also looking forward to seeing Knoxville because she has never been before.  


Cherokee 4th grader Victor Moore said that he enjoys the activities that they get to do in the 4-H Club.  


“I really wanted to be a part of 4-H because we get to do a lot of science activities,” Moore said. 


Outside of the meetings at school, there are also other 4-H opportunities that the students can participate on their own. For instance, on Friday, May 27 there is a full-day camp that is open to 4-H participants. Overall, having 4-H just provides another outlet for students to connect with their school. 


“Some kids just need a different outlet to build a connection with the school in other creative ways,” Cross said. 

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